Saturday, October 10, 2009

Spinal Tumor Research

I will be led by the Holy Spirit. Yes we should obey our physicians but above that we must be led by God.

God told me way back in 2003 that the stuff on the bottom of my foot (Psoriasis) was a result of Him healing me from cancer. And both the Dermatologist in Palm Harbor, Florida along with Meese Country Side Hospital have documented that information in my medical records.

Sure enough the doctor in the video "Natural Cure for Cancer" he states that psorisis is a result of cancer.

It was along the same time frame early 2001 that my primary had just altered my lifestyle eating habits after a five day stay at the hospital for Cat Scratch Fever where I eventually went totally blind in one of my eyes and miraculously recovered sight even though the optometrist said it was highly unlikely because there was optic nerve damage.

So I started researching ways to fight cancer naturally as that was the new path that my primary had me on was a more holistic and vegetarian way of life.

I had already learned that my knees and shoulder were in desperate need of replacement or surgical repairs and that my left foot was arthritic after several breaks.

I had learned to apply healthy supplements, nutrition, physical therapy to every health challenge that I was facing. In 2005 I had worked up to 500 meters of aquatics therapy in the form of breast stroke in exchange for the "stir the big pot of chili" that the shoulder doctor told me that I had to do. The movements were exactly the same and I accomplished more physical therapy when I was in the pool.

I have walked with a "Jacob" limp since my vacation in Missouri in 2001. I distinctly remember my aunt mentioning to me that I was looking as if I was taking a bridal walk one step then stop only I wasn't getting married.

I have fought three orthopedic surgeons recommendations of inevitable knee replacement, collagen injections, or some other type of procedure. I have taken thousands of dollars of prescription Glucosamine MSM Chondrotin that I bought with my own money all because I don't want to be crippled.

Now on September 25, 2009 they tell me that there is a tumor on my spine.
Then on October 7th, 2009 my driver told me that the 18 yrs old guy he used to play baseball with every week three years ago was also diagnosed with a tumor on his spine by the same hospital that found mine. His name was Darrell Shelton (named changed to protect the innocent) and when they told him it was the size of a baseball he decided to have it removed. Now he is paralyzed.

My doctor told me that they need to do a needle biopsy to find out what it is. However, when I mentioned it to my son he said he didn't want me to have it done. Then my friend and I talked about it just like I talked to many of my other friends about it so that I can make the right choice.

The doctor said they have to do the biopsy because the tumor can leave me paralyzed or in a wheel chair. I have been dealing with crippling pain for years now. Yes I have noticed it got worse but if I have the choice to be crippled some of the time or all of the time I choose the first. Even if the biopsy revealed cancer (mine is in my lower back between L1-L2 which most tumors in the sacral area are malignant with age and location the key factors) I would still choose to trust God to do as HE already told me that "the stuff on the bottom of my foot was a result of HIM healing me from cancer) HE would do in 2003.

The other orthopedic told me if I wait to see if the tumor will paralyze me and it starts to paralyze me anyway that then it would be too late. Unless the odds were 1000% that I would not be paralyzed if I had it removed then I would rather live with it even if it was carcinogenic then to fight paralyzation.

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