Saturday, October 3, 2009

Love The One You Are With

After a dream I had the other night I know that some one needs to hear this Godly cousel:

You don't divorce because your marriage is so perfect it is not thrilling enough for you so you run to the man whose arms are screaming for you. Just because another man seems to need you more it is only because he loves you like you were his mother not like your husband loves you. Your husband loves you correctly like a man is supposed to love a wife. Stay away from the man who is begging for your touch he is the wolf in sheeps clothing.

Next I saw a man who wanted to leave his wife because he thought another women would be imitation sweet all the time when his wife was only imitation sweet when her mother was visiting. The wife would treat her husband like he was "at home" but she spoke baby talk to her husband when her mother was around. That was because she was treating her mother like a guest and not like she was "at home." Do not divorce your wife because she talks to you one way when you two are alone and she talks to you another way when you have company. There is nothing wrong with your wife there is something wrong with your perception!

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