Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tumor on the Spine FYI

Friday September 25, 2009 They took an MRI of some calcified bulged disks in my neck along with a MRI of my lower back where I had suffered with a lot of excruciating pain for years. I had heard whispers in times past about a tumor on my spine but no one ever came out and told me. I guess they weren't sure what they were seeing until the MRI. He is sure now that it is a tumor and that it is very painful. He ordered me onto a cane as he has not seen the records of my right shoulder doctor that would disqualify me from using a cane along with the ganglia sist on my left wrist. And he said that the condition that I have can cause my legs to collapse. Neither does he know that I have tendenitis in both arms. He is only my spine and neck doctor. My knee doctor is there in the same hospital though. He said that they need to find out what kind of a tumor it is because it can cause me to be paralyzed or in a wheel chair. I have already been feeling so much pain that I thought I would fall down just from standing up in one place for more than five minutes. So far I have only stumbled. I guess I will have to take better pre-cautions now.

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