Thursday, October 15, 2009

Get A Clue

I am only half of the age of some seniors who are in excellent health compared to me. But they never suffered hardships of raising four children with less money per month than what some politicians spent on one meal back fifteen years ago.

I was raised that the younger always yields to the elder or the weak in graces such as chair seating, and general accommodations. And because I have always had to do everything on my own I am having the most difficult time letting others help me now when I need it the most such as carrying groceries or helping out with tasks that are normal everyday challenges.

I have always been the so called "Ox", "back bone", "Super Glue" of my family while I was being raised and after I left home. Now though I am fighting many life threatening health problems and mobility challenges I still look young and vibrant. I am very muscular from being the gymnast for ten years. But now I when I do lift something or do something that I know is too much for me it just causes me pain, inflammation and discomfort. Two years ago I couldn't even use a manual can opener without extreme pain and difficulty.

I am a little stronger now but it still causes me great pain to do it. I can lift a bag of groceries I just end up with a stiff, swelled up neck and shoulders afterwards. But I cannot reason it out in my logic to let an older person (who is in extremely good health compared to mine) to do it for me. So I go against what I know is best for my body and I try and do it all on my own. If the rest of the world was as faithful, dedicated and giving as I have been raised to be this would be a far better world.

I know that walking and cardiovascular exercise are generally a good thing. I have been told by my doctors to give my knees a rest because of the degeneration and bone spurs. My physical therapist used to tell me that if I wasn't in the water to do my exercise and therapy that cycling was the other exercise that I could do to keep the weight off of my knees. And Recently I have been told that my legs can collapse on me due to the stress on the spine that the tumor is causing.

But I also know that I have to have cardiovascular
exercise for my heart and lung health. And sometimes doctors have said that exercise is much better for arthritis. And I love to walk though it is extremely painful to me at times and at times is very difficult.

How can you stop living if you still have a heart beat? Vengeance is mine saith the LORD! I thank God for HIS word and I know HE is faithful no matter what! If I don't exercise my heart and my lungs I will end up on anti biotics, on fluid pills or in the hospital. I used to do cardiovascular for four hours a day. Can you imagine how I feel now having to sit most of the time now? And If I do walk most of the time it is with a limp and some of the time it is in danger of falling down. And some of the time you can't tell by looking at me that anything in the world is wrong with me.

I used to try and disguise my limp in public. I would force my body not to limp because I didn't want anyone seeing me in a vulnerable state. I just don't go out if I am having too bad of a day. I take lots of pain relievers, anti inflammatories while before I go out and I take some with me.. And I try to get lost of rest before I go out to face the world. I have to plan ahead and not do too much in one week. We need to be very sensitive to the needs of privacy and assistance that the elderly and sick have. I am glad that some are already doing so!

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