Friday, October 16, 2009

It Pays To Be Good

I noticed the big success factor in my life that always put me over the top when it came to challenges had to be because I keep His word. He says the blessings of obeying the word in Deuteronomy 28 then HE tells us the curses that will happen to the one who do not keep HIS word.

Perhaps some would say that the bible is just non sense and I can still continue to disobey it and be blessed. And they may have many resources, friends and pull that would enable them to rob the righteous while they are in direct rebellion to the word of God in some immoral abominable sin.

And they may have that in common with hundreds of others who don't want to get deliverance from that wickedness. And they may have got away with so called murder by robbing the righteous, murdering the fatherless, or slaying the widow just like Psalms 94 says they do.

But it goes on to say that a pit will be dug for them and that judgment will return to righteousness. Maybe God's mercy, grace and compassion will let that one continue on in his wickedness for years trying to give him time to see the light of God's grace.

But the bible is clear "as long as earth remains so does seed time and harvest. Be not decieved God is not mocked what soever a man soeth that shall he also reap.' Kinda like the way the world puts it "what goes around comes around" or "carma."

It also says in Eccleciastes that"it will always go better for the righteous." and it says in Proverbs "if the righteous are recompensed in the earth how much more the ungodly and the sinner."

It is not okay to rob the righteous because God says "He will rebuke the devour" of the one who faithfully keeps HIS word and gives God HIS tithe out of all of his increase. The tithe belongs to the Lord. It is ten percent of ones income or increase.

How much more will God fight for one who gives the three HOLY Offerings on the days of the eternal Holy feasts.

Sure we are not under the Law but when one of HIS born again Christians are giving and doing all that they can to obey Him in all of HIS word I believe God will honor that too.

He also to inquire "Shall a throne which devices evil by law shall not have fellowship with God and that HE will cut them off in their own wickedness and in their own sin.

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