Wednesday, October 31, 2012

 The Good Savior Gathers

Dedicated To New Jersey and New York

You are much more then your possessions or your home

Things that caused you to worry on your vacations to Roam

Though the things that once possessed you are gone for now

You will recover all and be restored  one day some how

Don't cry another tear, wipe them everyone a way

let your heart be merry with hope for a new day

Don't fret, don't ponder about what could have been

Only know how free you are to begin life new again

All things different, but this change will make you strong 

Bring you to a place where all along you did belong

To the paradise in your heart and soul that will carry you the rest of the way
To the sunshine in the clear blue sky for what once was a dark cloudy day

Smile, and let your heart be light... you are burden and care free now

No chains binding you or holding you back, the maps to you all bow

The road opens wide for any path you choose

Or Stay put if you decide but you cannot lose

Whatever path you take will be the winning one

For your time of healing from the sorrow has begun

Chin up... don't forget your not the only one

Who has lost everything in life but still won

Remember that which still lives and breaths is all that really matters

The good savior always gathers what the cruel wind of Sandy scatters

Kimi G. 
October 31st, 2012 

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