Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Vipers, Broods and Hypocrites

Keep your long pointy finger off my friends and me
I will not cast a stone or condemn one so easily

Who sips a sip or smokes a toke just to ease the pain
That they have felt in this life just to keep them sane

It takes time to know how to cast our burdens and care
Upon the Lord and leave them there through heart felt prayer

It don't come easy to trust in one whom you cannot see
With all of your wealth, health, loved ones and liberty

Don't go casting your hateful stones of many on some 
Just cause you forgot the pit from whence you did come

I remember well you were once worse than us all
How you humbled yourself before God after your fall

If you cannot look at us through eyes of love
Or have the gentle spirit and peace of a dove

Then you don't deserve our presence in your life
We live with peace, joy & love but not with strife

Ask God to give you a clean heart
And a right spirit to begin a new start

Clean hands and that is all you need
To be ready to sow a prayer seed

Until then you are nothing but noisy symbols in the air
Nothing to give to anyone because you don't really care

Kimi G.  
October 31st, 2012

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