Friday, June 15, 2012

Her Father Was Deported 3 Yrs. Ago On Obama's Watch Now She Gets To Stay

Under Obama's "Dream Act" this terrorist who was just busted this year for wearing a bomb in his vest would have been eligible for citizenship under Obama's Administration's new policy on administrative amnesty.  How many more terrorists will Obama give citizenship to?   

Yet Another Reason to Oppose Obama’s Policy of Administrative Amnesty

I must admit I think that those young people SHOULD be not live under the threat of being deported.  But Obama's motives are clear... he did it just to get more votes!  CBS news interviewed one young girl who is being effected by Obama's actions outside of the consent of Congress.  She is the daughter of a man who was deported three years ago under the watch of the Obama Administration. But they need to make sure that the ones from 16 through 30 don't have any connections to terrorists because Al queda trains all of their children (including grade school children) how to be terrorists.  

And American's need to realize we are already at over 8% unemployment rate... with those young students now having more incentive to stay here it will make it even more difficult for graduating college students and our returning military troops to find meaningful employment.

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