Friday, June 15, 2012

How Many More Terrorists Will Obama Give Citizenship To?

Under Obama's "Dream Act" this terrorist (Video of Terrorist threatening to enter USA from our Southern Borders with Anthrax) who was just busted this year for wearing a bomb in his vest would have been eligible for citizenship under Obama's Administration's new policy on administrative amnesty.  How many more terrorists will Obama give citizenship to?   Yet Another Reason to Oppose Obama’s Policy of Administrative Amnesty

I must admit I think that those young people SHOULD be not live under the threat of being deported.  But Obama's motives are clear... he did it just to get more votes!  CBS news interviewed one young girl who is being effected by Obama's actions outside of the consent of Congress.  She is the daughter of a man who was deported three years ago under the watch of the Obama Administration. But they need to make sure that the ones from 16 through 30 don't have any connections to terrorists because Al queda trains all of their children (including grade school children) how to be terrorists.  

And American's need to realize we are already at over 8% unemployment rate... with those young students now having more incentive to stay here it will make it even more difficult for graduating college students and our returning military troops to find meaningful employment.

 "22000 illegal immigrants other than Mexico entered our country from the Mexican Border in 2009"  Border Security Is Homeland Security

Border Security Is Homeland Security

Aug 31st, 2010 by Kim Gerred
"Since the recent attempts that four North Koreans made to enter the U.S. from the Mexican border along with the recent video of a Muslim terrorist threatening the lives of 300,000 American people by having one of his Muslim terror associates to bring a "4 lb bag of Anthrax through the Mexican Border than that means border security is homeland security."

We have a duty to confront ILLEGAL immigration. But talk of repealing the 14th amendment goes too far: #cmc PlsRT" Rod Parsley @RealRodParsley
Kim Gerred “I agreewith Pastor Rod. He knows the bible better than us all. And He knows the ways of God. The bible also says in the old testament that a stranger must obey all laws of the land or they have to return to their own country! Too many vulnerable illegals have been killed whey they were being trafficked for sex or trafficked into the U.S. and it is our responsibility to protect our people from the Leukemia and other barbaric diseases that America eradicated decades ago but those who illegal enter without going through the check point have brought back into our country causing our doctors and medical staff and facilities to deal with unnecessary evils that they are no longer prepared to deal with because the problem of those diseases were eradicated out of our country before! Not to mention that four North Koreans attempted to illegally entered our country from those unsafe borders last week. And statistics revealed over 22000 illegal immigrants other than Mexico entered our country from the Mexican Border in 2009 many of which were illegal immigrants from Islamic nations with known terrorists cells. That is how I learned of the four North Koreans who didn’t get caught but got away last week was because others who were with them were caught! There are Muslims that I have witnessed videos of them stating how they want to enter America from Mexico with four pounds of Anthrax and kill 300,000 Americans. And you can find all that data on my blogs! We need 100% secure borders!”

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