Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama Did Nothing For Almost 4 yrs To Stop The Mistreatment of Illegals!

Marco Rubio's super-cautious response to Obama on immigration -  Those immigrants should not be deported anyway!  But the problem here is Obama has been in office now almost four years but he has done nothing about the illegal immigrants being trafficked, and maimed all across the borders on both sides of the all the border states.

I must admit I think that those young people SHOULD be not live under the threat of being deported.  But Obama's motives are clear... he did it just to get more votes!  CBS news interviewed one young girl who is being effected by Obama's actions outside of the consent of Congress.  She is the daughter of a man who was deported three years ago under the watch of the Obama Administration. But they need to make sure that the ones from 16 through 30 don't have any connections to terrorists because Al queda trains all of their children (including grade school children) how to be terrorists.

And American's need to realize we are already at over 8% unemployment rate... with those young students now having more incentive to stay here it will make it even more difficult for graduating college students and our returning military troops to find meaningful employment.

Obama should have never bi-passed Congress for his voting purposes to be satisfied. It is horrible the way he is manipulating the system by usurping his authority in order to try and gain power!!!

And Obama did all that he could do to oppose those trying to stop the invasion of America.  Now, today Obama said he will do nothing to deport young illegal aliens, in violation of the law.

He has done nothing about all the illegal immigrants being raped, sodomized and murdered because they were caught up in the ugly border problems, gangs, and drug wars.  Obama has done nothing about illegal immigrants working in less than human conditions all over Southern California, Rural Missouri and everywhere else that there are agricultural workers and other labor workers who are illegal immigrants.

 The other problem is that Obama is doing the same... he is mistreating the illegal immigrants by taking advantage of their calamity in hopes to cash in on their vote in November... SHAME on Obama!  He should be counted among those who violate civil liberties because of today's (June 15th, 2012) latest brown nosing scheme to pull the wool over the Mexican people's eyes.   "A nation of immigrants is holding another nation of immigrants in bondage, exploiting its labor while ignoring its suffering, condemning its lawlessness while sealing off a path to living lawfully." Editorial

Barack Obama has allowed that to continue for almost four years.  Now right before the November vote Obama decides he will try to help.  Just another sign he only uses people and situations to get what he wants which is more votes!  The Mexican people can see right through is deception this time!!! He is a manipulator who uses people!  This picture taken in 2009 says it all! "Obama Where Is Our Hope"  The Ink Kitchen

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