Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Microbiology, and Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2 classes in 1989 gave the Center for Disease Control (CDC) stats on contracting HIV/AIDS from Sodomy was as high as 99% way back then. So I could just imagine that it is off the charts for that kind of sexual act now. The reasons why they taught were because of the blood/semen factor.

But if a virgin female had a heterosexual relationship (the normal way that sex is between a man and a women between the male organ and the female organ) of a sex act with a man who had already had sex with someone who had that HIV/AIDS virus, then the virgin could also be infected with the HIV/AIDS virus. And the female would also be subject to infection that every person that man has been with and most likely contract the infection. And If the man had been with 5 women then the virgin has now been introduced to potentially every virus or infection that that 1 man had been in contact with, as well as the virus' or infections that the 5 women had been in contact with and so on and so forth...

I think it is only fair that I share the rest of the medical statistics about HIV/AIDS to equip you to take charge of your own health. Research traced HIV/AIDS back to a dentist office in Florida back in the early eighties. From this study, they determined that it was contracted through the pump within the dentist drill. Turns out that the suction inside the drill retains blood from each patient and then it can be transferred to the next patient. So they began autoclaving the dentist drills one time per week to reduce the likely hood of contamination.

The pump inside the Dentist drill and the needle inside tattoo guns and then needle inside of piercing guns cause the same risk. I am not sure how if at all they combat the transference of contamination on the tools that are used for tattoos or piercings.

But as a dear man of God recently said "when they turn back to God then HE can take all that stuff off of them" And I agree with him on that Thank God. But why would one want to endanger their health when they can lived with HIS divine protection if they just like what HE likes and hate what HE hates?

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