Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sexual Abuse

There are many ways that girls, women and even boys and young men have been abused. Here, I just shared what my experience was from Spousal abuse. But many young girls have been compared to other girls so that they would try to have the sexiest body. Then once they have the young girl questioning her own beauty and they have caused her to doubt her own self image the abuser comes in for the prey. Sometimes they brutally sodomize a young girl and it would take a miracle to survive that sexual immoral act that God declares abominable.

Other young boys and young men have had the same vile act pulled on them. Those are the kind of violent men that pollutes our society when it is bombarded with pornography.

Unfortunately, Microbiology, and Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2 classes in 1989 gave the Center for Disease Control (CDC) stats on contracting HIV/AIDS from Sodomy was as high as 99% way back then. So I could just imagine that it is off the charts for that kind of sexual act now. The reasons why they taught were because of the blood/semen factor.

But as a dear man of God recently said "when they turn back to God then HE can take all that stuff off of them" And I agree with him on that Thank God. But why would one want to endanger their health when they can live with HIS divine protection if they just like what HE likes and hate what HE hates?
Do things God's way and then your marriage bed won't be defiled!

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