Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lindsay Lohan & Jack Hackman Struck By Moving Vehicles

On Jan. 13, 2012 Jack Hackman while on his bike was struck by a moving vehicle. Lindsay was pushing a strollers in Sept. 2010 while she was struck by a moving vehicle.

I am in physical therapy and have to get on the bike every time I go to an appointment at the Rancho Physical Therapy. I was also advised by my physical therapist in New Port Richey, Florida in 2004 that the bike and the pool was the best physical therapy that I can do because of the conditions of my knee and the rest of my body.

In other words, there are only two kinds of physical exercise that I can do without damaging my body worse or causing me lots of pain and that is the bike or the pool.

I live in Palm Springs, there is a bike route but it is the Looonnng way around town. I was told not to ride my bike on downtown sidewalks but anywhere else in town is okay. When I rode my bike in the street in downtown Palm Springs yesterday one driver completely ignored my left lane turn signal which is the left arm straight out to the left.

If I hadn't of looked back to see if he got over in one of the other two empty lanes so that I could get into the lane because my lane was ending he/she didn't even acknowledge that I existed... and I would have been killed instantly. Another driver of a gray van almost side swiped me the the car behind him almost did the same thing... All of this happened yesterday less than 2 blocks on both sides of the only bike shop in downtown Palm Springs.

They are always broadcasting on the news about hit and runs and bicyclists or pedestrians. Last week a girl got killed and she was in the cross lane. One lady pulling out of a parking lot yesterday did not see me either...

They are not looking for pedestrians or bikers and that is why they are being hit. Clean and Renewable Energy #Green campaigns need to get involved and make safer paths and more Convenient lanes for bikers and safer red light laws for pedestrians.

Last night I had the the walk sign but 3 drivers at the Save A Lot red light in Cat city going Northbound on HWY 111 totally ignored that I had my flashing lights on that every car for miles away could see, it was still light out and I had the crosswalk sigh telling me to cross. They ignored it... It is NOT safe enough for pedestrians and bikers!

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