Sunday, January 3, 2010

No Culture Shock Here

My best friend was the greatest person of faith that I have ever known to this day. She was honored by men and women of God all over this nation and lead a prayer meeting in her home for over fifty years each week.

She had a prophetic gift upon her life and she considered herself a "waterer" in God's Kingdom and "Heaven's Reporter." Sure enough when Nine Eleven happened she told me that God was turning over the money changers tables.

She also told me that you couldn't watch any movies these days without them cussing on the movies. But that was before the Movies Matt and Laurie Crouch produced.
But She was speaking of movies in the secular world.

She said it in a way that I knew that it wouldn't stop her from watching a movie if she was interested in it but that she would just disregard the evil language and sift out the message in the movie. At least that is how I understood her to speak about it.

Sometimes If I need something different than preaching, politics, football, or a music I will watch a movie. She passed away about four years ago and I miss her terribly but I still rely greatly upon her wisdom that she imparted to me through the years.

And I don't think that there will ever be anyone who will hold my respect and admiration as greatly as she did. I am not the only one who felt that way about her. Another great women of faith who I fellowshipped with
at church when I first got saved in the late eighties held Mother Nell in that highest regard too. Thank God Mildred is still here and goes to the same church where my children and I did for three years. But They were both old enough to be my grandmother but I still hold them dear.

And I love action and adventure movies. I also love current movies with martial arts like with Charlie Chan sometimes.
And if they have something in a movie that I know God doesn't approve of but that some or many in our cultural society are involved with then I may laugh at it or something but it doesn't mean I approve of it.

I don't want to cast stones at anyone who is still in bondage to drugs or anything else that may or may not have ever had me in chains. Nor do I want to be so indifferent that I can't relate to what my people are in bondage to. I may laugh at something but that does not mean that I approve of it.

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