Saturday, January 2, 2010

Elijah's Anointing and God's Heavenly Mantle

Kimi Darlene

Kimi Darlene

I got my Heavenly mantle (in the form a man's coat) last night January 1, 2010 in a dream just after sowing a $3.03 offering on December 31st, 2009 to Dr. Oral Roberts Alumni in representation of his first offering he collected that was the same amount. And it was all that I had left in my account for the month of December. Kind of like the "Widow's Mite" I gave every last penny in honor of his going home and the mantle that he carried. He was a GREAT Man of God and I went to see him and Evelyn live in Tampa when I lived there. Last night I wrote in my blog about how God used me to comfort the man who was out of his mind.

Pastor Steve Associate Pastor Of Jackson Revival Center in Jackson, MS. is a witness to how God used me to set people free from Crack Cocaine and alcohol on the streets of Jackson in 1995 during my first fruits ministry. One lady that I took to Jackson Revival Center with me had drank a pint of vodka in the four mile trip that it took me to get her to the church. It was her first time to visit my church and she was my guest. They had to call the ambulance and haul her out of service because she had became drunk on that vodka after drinking so much of it so fast.

Two weeks later that lady stayed the night with me and I took her back to church where she was saved, healed and delivered. She moved to Hawaii and was living for the Lord the last time that I saw her. One fellow was sitting on the curbs of the streets of Jackson, MS. and I ministered to him and he was totally set free of cocaine. It was several years later that he came up to me and told me that he quit using all drugs and alcohol after that night.

Pastor Steve also told me upon my return to Jackson in 2006 that I had came back for the double anointing and he then poured oil from a horn on me inside of his office while he prayed for me. God used five different prophets and pastors to prophesy over me that I had the gift of healing in my hands when I first got saved back in 1988 through the early nineties.

The first person HE used to tell me that I had the gift of healing in my hands was a lady named Georgia in my home group at my first home church "New Covenant" in Ridgeland, MS now called "Ridgeland Family Church". Pastor Tommy Is Senior Pastor now but when my children and I fellow shipped there for three years his father Jim was the Senior Pastor. If you would like to have my healing ministry come to your church just contact me on my main website WEBLINK or here at Facebook.

Here is a video of Matt Sorger preaching about Heavens mantle.

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