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Dr. Gileads Wife And The Senator Knows The Truth

A True story but names were changed to protect the innocent.

Don't talk bible to a Lebanese Psychiatrist who doesn't know your medical history nor does he know that your daughter or your sister (who are 400 miles away) had lied to the local cops because they were worried about you.

She did it because I had just lost my home of over eight years and all my possessions. I was in a hotel room with what little I could get out of my home. And had already lived almost two years on the streets of Jackson, Mississippi eleven years earlier. She or my sister told the pastor (we will call him "Judas" Priest), the cops or someone that I was suicidal. She didn't know that I was looking forward to an evening in the pool with my newly bought healthy groceries, snacks and coffee.

I have never been suicidal in my life except when I was taking some anti depressants that were known to cause that kind of a side effect but that was way back in 1994 when I took those pills and had that experience right after I lost my five bedroom home and my four children.

Then there were lies told by a pastor we will call "Judas Priest" who was involved. And then some of my local friends ( Dr. Gilead's wife) found out that Judas Priest had lied about my housing situation causing me more problems for (Dr. Gileads Friend) the senator to get me back into my home. Dr. Gileads wife said the Judas Priest was about to jump out of his skin because he got caught in the act of lying in front of her and the politician. But it was too late the damage had already been done to me and they couldn't get me back into my home.

When my daughter or sister lied to the cops so they would check on me they came and picked me up and threw me in a mental institute to be examined.
The doctor was Lebanese and had no idea that people had lied to get me in there. The place was full of suicidal & drug and alcohol abusers. People who had histories of overdosing on heavy drugs. Then I told the doctor that there was nothing wrong with my mental state that I was just a victim of injustice just like the Children of Israel were when they were deprived of their children and when they lost their homes. Well he did not know my medical history and he thought that it was not normal to talk about the Children of Israel being deprived of their children so he gave me some drugs. But it clearly states that in Ezekiel 36:13.

Then they sent me home the following business day. I started going into severe muscle spasms all over my body and couldn't even move my leg. I threw those pills away and was so glad I didn't have a heart attack because I was a heart patient and another doctor had already taken me off of some anti depressants four years prior because he said that they were causing me to go into congestive heart failure. And I asked him what congestive heart and he told me that I was at edema level two with congestive heart. A year later I found out that the medicine that same doctor put me on had caused all my heart problems.

They took out a class action law suit against the makers of Vioxx . They have removed Vioxx but not until I had taken it for almost a year. I never got a penny though I was a long time consumer of their product. Because I only developed heart problems and never had a heart attack or stroke I didn't qualify to be compensated according to their terms. It didn't matter to them that I had the strongest & healthiest heart prior to that.

The Apostle Paul went through a lot of trials and tribulations too until the people finally realized that God was really with him and then they became afraid to do anything bad to him fearing that they might offend the God that was defending him. There was some real good things that come out of it for Paul, he wrote three fourths of the New Testament in the Holy Bible.

Some good things came out of it for me too! I learned that pastors aren't always respectful men. That one had lied on me and wasn't afraid of being a "real Judas" to me. I also learned that same pastor would jump at a chance to get in bed with me and perhaps the reason he lied to me was because I didn't want to have sex with him when he unexpectedly came to my hotel room real early one morning before all of that happened. I would never have said anything at all about any of this since it was five years ago and nothing like that has ever happened since but I felt that now it needed to be said.

Maybe in the new health reform they can address many of the health care problems such as the time my physical therapist was gone and she knew that I couldn't walk on a treadmill because of multiple prior injuries to my foot and I had a severely damaged knee. My therapist was gone one day and the gentleman who replaced her put me on the treadmill and I couldn't walk or stand up afterward for two days. Or like the time I went in for oral surgery and I was strapped down to the table. I told the nurse there was no oxygen coming out of the mask and she checked it and said "well it is on" and I said there is NONE coming out. The very same moment the other nurse administered "Knock your lights out" interveinous drugs and I don't know what happened after that other than I kept going into shock every day for a year after that surgery.

I never filed any law suits against any of them and I never would I don't think. I figure if a doctor is in the medical business that is because he is a loving, caring person. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes. But if someone intentionally tries to hurt another then a lawsuit is the appropriate thing to do.

A lot of things come out of my experiences and I learned a lot about people. I also learned that you need to speak up and make sure your doctors know and have all your medical history. I also learned that the cop got fired because I was not suicidal nor was I anything other than peaceful, prayerful and relying on the word of God for all my strength as I always do. That was four states and Five years ago. Much water has been under the bridge since then including me finding shelter and living inside of a huge church where I took care of dozens of three year olds every Sunday evening for about a year in Madison, Ms. And I also helped prepare coffee for hundreds of people every Sunday morning before I developed Neurapthy.

I had never been thought of as anything but a person with depression except one other time about five years earlier in 2000 at Meese Country Side Hospital Emergency room
In Clearwater, Fl when I told the female E.R. Doctor that GOD Said "the stuff on the bottom of my foot (later discovered it was Psoriasis by my dermatologist in Palm Harbor) was a result of HIM healing me from cancer."

That is exactly what HE had told me in a dream earlier that year. But the female doctor thought I was stone crazy and she had me hauled off to Morton Plant Hospital. The next morning when the doctors got in he took one look at me and his exact words were "what are you doing here?" I said "I don't know I was gonna ask you that" and then I told him what the E.R. Doctor thought about what I had said. They sent me home immediately.

I don't use recreational drugs, and I don't use alcohol anymore. Someone like me who has a history of taking things like that might take advantage of access to drugs that help you forget about life. Especially if you suffer from a lot of physical pain as I do or have suffered from a lot of emotional pain as I have. But God has lifted the burden of the emotional trauma for the most part. I can't slow down long enough to think about it or ponder on it or I would cry myself to death. Instead I am focusing on what HE has anointed me to do so that I can make sure it never happens to anyone ever again.

But I have had long term depression for years even since back in the early eighties. After my first divorce they put me on some anti depressants that I would highly recommend to anyone called Deseryl.
But the depression kept coming back until I learned that I could take authority over it. Then I prayed like the word of faith people taught me to pray and it really worked. The depression left.

Depression is horrible. You are down, dark, gloomy and don't want to do anything. You feel there is no hope at all no matter what. But prayer works better and faster than every medicine that they ever gave me. And then, I found another secret that I can sow into the lives of ministers who have the gift of joy and I will reap a harvest of joy too. And I started doing that over five years ago to the most wonderful man of God who is anointed of joy that I have ever known. His name is Dr. Jesse Duplantis. Sometimes I can't send but one dollar but I make sure I get it in there because now there is hardly a day that goes by that I am not filled with joy and laughter at one time or another.

One really good thing that came out it was that there was a very nice looking elderly gentleman who was out of his mind. He would run run around all over the hospital screaming, pooping and peeing all over himself. The staff would get tired of it and man handle him with a couple of men nurses. Then they would strap him down and shock him and shoot him with drugs. Then the man would be laying on the floor moaning and couldn't get up for hours. That happened one too many times for me. I can't stand to see people suffer especially if I think that something else may help. We were about to eat dinner and he was sitting next to me. He was acting like that again screaming and shaking running around and jumping and he wouldn't eat or sit still.

I reached my hand over and laid it calmly but definitely upon his arm. He just became so quiet and still and looked at me as if I was the savior. Then I started talking to him about Jesus and told him that Jesus loved him and wants to help him. Then the next time it happened I did the same thing and I got the man to start coloring on some paper and he calmed down again. Everyone there acknowledged that a kind, loving hand made a difference for a few moments.

The nurse said that she would never forget it and that she had never seen anything like that before. I will admit that I do have the gift of healing and it was prophesied over me that I had the gift of healing in my hands by five different pastors and prophets in Jackson, MS. when I first got saved in 1988. But this was something different, I believe that he just felt intimate kindness that perhaps was not readily available with all the other patients needing attention too. When I get my car I have pledged my heart to volunteer at the local hospital. It was not just me, anyone could have that same effect on another through the gift of love. After all, God is love!

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