Monday, December 14, 2009

Reid Health Care Bill HR 3590

Today the democrats held a closed door meeting for the second time. And they met with the pharmaceutical companies for the second time since last summer. There was a hundred billion dollars of pharmaceutical monies that was at stake with the re importation of prescription drugs.

The first meeting with the drug companies provided a twenty billion dollar cushion for the Pharmaceutical company. There was a Dorgan amendment to save hundreds of billions of dollars to the American Government and the Consumer that the meeting that is taking place at this moment has defeated. The Dorgan Amendment would have allowed the American Government and the consumer to re import all pharmaceutical drugs at the same inexpensive cost that Canada and the United Kingdom pay.

By obtaining sixty votes on the Democratic side they have once more agreed with the drug companies. The drug company agreed for yet another negotiations and take less than a twenty billion dollar cushion if America would not re-import drugs at the much reduced price that foreign countries are paying.

The Johanns amendment restricts the cutting of in home care for seniors and elderly. The Crapo Amendment provides that there will be no tax increase for anyone who makes less than $250,000.00 dollars per year.

The right thing to do is to have a bipartisan meeting from sun up to sun down if necessary until they agree on a health care and insurance reform bill. The wrong thing to do is to push this bill forward without looking before you leap. Do not pass this bill just because it is Christmas time and it is critical that we do something. Take time to sit down and work it out to the good of all Americans. Not some party or agenda of some big insurance guy or some huge pharmaceutical agenda.

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