Friday, November 20, 2009

Unalienable Rights

I totally agree with Locke that we have natural rights to life, liberty and property and with Jefferson that we have unalienable rights to life, liberty and happiness because according to Joshua 1:3 God gives Joshua all of the land where ever he sets the sole of his foot. He did the same thing for Abraham. But now does that mean that everyone has this inheritance? No!

The land God gave Joshua was taken from heathen nations. Nations who were not walking with God or serving HIM. And it was also instructed to Joshua that in order for the children of Israel to keep the new conquered territory that they would have to stay away from the heathen gods and they would have to continue to fear before the Lord in obedience to all HIS commands and statutes. Man's laws may have tried to change God's laws but inevitably they will return to the structures of HIS word one way or another with or without man's consent.
And about Adult consent or tacit consent: I don't believe that it is theft to pay one's taxes.

I believe that it is right and just to have different tax brackets according to per capita and possessions. If one chooses to live in a society and have the benefits of that society that cost money for those entities in the society to exist then one should be expected to pay for those goods and services provided by the society. Likewise the public service members of that society should feel happy to provide the goods and deeds equally without prejudice or partiality to the members of that society. Not that everyone pays the same amount for the services but that everyone sacrifices the same amount.

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