Saturday, November 21, 2009

And I Am Unalienably HIS Inheritance!

No one owns me except my creator God. And I am unalienably HIS Inheritance! Even if I was married my husband would become the head of the house but if he did something intentionally to hurt me I would be free to leave him or divorce him. If I was his property then I would not be free to divorce him or to leave him.

In Cuba, they act as though they own their citizens like Berlin did before the Wall came down.
Prior to that they acted as if their citizens were personal property that is not so!

I don't believe that it is theft to pay one's taxes.
I believe that it is right and just to have different tax brackets according to per capita and possessions.

If one chooses to live in a society and have the benefits of that society that cost money for those entities in the society to exist then one should be expected to pay for those goods and services provided by the society.

Likewise the public service members of that society should feel happy to provide the goods and deeds equally without prejudice or partiality to the members of that society. Not that everyone pays the same amount for the services but that everyone sacrifices the same amount.

Inheritance tax should still be paid though those funds were taxed before. That was so the other citizen could have their social services met.
Now that the funds are in the hands of the rightful heir they will have to pay taxes per capita for the amount of possessions and funds that they are accountable, responsible for, and required too.

Just as those properties and goods belong solely to the heir and they are inalienably the heirs possession so is the duty and responsibility to pay the taxes for those properties.

It cost more to house three hens then it would to shelter one. The more automobiles you have the more police force will be needed for your safety. Therefore the more you have the more you will need the social services. That is why inheritance tax is valid.

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