Thursday, October 1, 2009

Short Biography

God drafted me into the ministry shortly after I fell in love with Jesus back in the late eighties. In early 2000 my spiritual life went to new heights as I got on what I call the "Joshua Journey" as I implement Joshua 1:7 & 8 in my life. That sect of scripture will point the disciple to Exodus 20 which is the ten commands. And now before you know it you are on the highway in Isaiah 35 and the ancient path of Jeremiah 6:16. I minister to the troops from the book of Joshua chapter 1:5 because it is the most dynamic verse for warfare. And I minister that same verse to all the little children that God sends my way. Since 2000 I have ministered to about 100 children that God sent to me by divine appointment. Right now I am taking a healing break while I rest. And I write and sow prayer clothes for many of the troops who are fighting in Iraq and in Afghanistan. I am a newly published author of "GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES" book of poetry. And I love to reach the unsaved anyway I can for Jesus.

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