Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Transparency To Help You

I appreciate one knowing God in reality of faith rather than knowing God by experiencing HIM.

However, Had I not experienced God in a real way by seeing the gifts of healing and prophesy manifest right in front of me during many church services there is a possibility that I might not have ever been saved.

I was so far into a secular lifestyle (far from righteousness of any kind) that had God not demonstrated HIS reality and ability to reach me where I was at I don't think HE could have ever reached me.

It took me five years after being truly born again to get free of some of the ingrained sinful lifestyle that I had known my whole life. And it took me much longer than that to be delivered from cigarettes.

I only quit two years ago but I have been a born again Christian for 28 years. When I was a child around age five I had a vision and it was so unreal that it seemed animated. I was not saved but it really happened.

I know that God can reach people and has to reach people in many different ways. Because some may never read a bible. But I also know that there is only one way to the Father and that is through the Son Christ Jesus.

I have known a pastor who knows the word inside out and is one of the most intellectual people I have ever been in the company of. He knows all the right words, when and how to say them. But to see him,

I can tell he is so far away from God, far away from the presence of God. I am afraid he has never been born again but he is going through all the motions. Unfortunately, I have family members who are doing the same.

And I bet you can name some too. It is a heart issue to Know Him intimately or not. Only the individual would know if they have been born again or not.
And or course God knows and all of heaven.

The pastor that I mentioned (I would never give his name) he may just be backslid or having some struggles, or even heart issues like me (with unforgiveness.) But God can save us and give us right spirits and pure hearts too.

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  1. It hurts to show you my wounds but I do it for HIM and for those I love.