Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Worthless Shepherd Syndrome With the Darkened Eye & a Withered Rght Hand

Compassion helps, but as you will see you must have a plan to implement the knowledge or you may have to leave your suicidal friend all alone while you go drag your pastor & mentor out of a session to come and rescue both you and your friend. I saw truth in the need for compassion after a dream I had one week ago. I had a dream of a young girl, her boyfriend were disagreeing about some things and about what to do now that she had taken 98 acetaminophen (changed the name of OTC to protect the brand name that was in my dream). I grabbed her and took her to a pastor but he was off the clock and just got in his car and drove off. He didn't even know if she wanted money, clothing, shelter, food, or rescued from the hopeless state that I had found her in. Then I awoke from the dream realizing how much truth I saw in my own life experiences when I tried to get help from a church in Florida.

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  1. Don't Knock the title it is word for word scriptural. If you would read the bible you might learn that. Of Course it took me fifteen years of reading the bible daily to learn those truths that I so freely shared with you.