Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shout to the Lord Majesty and Praise to the King!

You can have an experienced reality of Jesus in your life every day. For some in the fundamentalism denominations that may not be easy or even possible depending on if they have been born again or not.

I do believe that just because one is not born again that they can still experience the presence of God though they may not want to honor HIM as their Lord. One way that the "romantic period" of Art History experienced God was through Nature.

I didn't find God that way but I love to experience HIM that way even to this day. So, perhaps you could get alone and seek the Lord while out in a field of flowers. Or watching the stars at night. Or by seeing what kind of images appear in the clouds while you are praying. Maybe you won't see any images at all but perhaps a bird will fly over and speak of God's sovereignty to you.

And if you aren't the outdoorsy type of person perhaps you could have a candle lit dinner by yourself and take communion before the dinner. Or listen to some classical music and have a time of seeking the Lord while meditating on some scriptures. I have had the most intimate times with Christ Jesus even when I was a back slid reprobate. He wants us to come to Him as we are because HE loves us regardless of what we do.

For me even after being saved over 18 years that one night with God changed my entire direction of purpose in Life. And that the same thing could happen for you if you will purpose in your heart to seek HIM and to want HIS will for your life.

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