Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ministry to the Hurting

As an over comer of many obstacles I found prayer to be the master key to the final victorious outcome. I know that what God allows us to over come the entire body of Christ experiences the benefits. Therefore, the valley's that I have come through or the mountains that I have taken I am now experienced to help others find their way to the other side by my helping to light the way for them. I have learned that Depression is not make believe. It is a real very dark place that without the right ingredients can leave a life devastated never to rise again. Sometimes situations can make depression much worse. Sometimes only a supernatural intervention of a loving God can lead one safely out of the grips of the darkness and depth of depression. But I also know that there are spiritual forces attached to Depression and with God given authority through Christ Jesus many times I have been able to dismiss Depression through prayer. I also know that man has made some wonderful drugs that enable a person to get out of depression and start taking care of their self again. It is up to God, that person and a medical doctor to see if those steps are necessary in any given situation. From my experience, I know that some types of depression and mental illness' such as PTSD are caused from situations therefore that is when spiritual help such as a Christian counselor and divine intervention is vitally important. Sometimes the gift of giving is necessary in dealing with people suffering from situational depression if they are in a situation that they cannot get out of because of their financial status such as children in Cambodia, persecuted Christians of Sudan, or a victim of domestic violence who can't leave her husband because of having small children and no money to hire a sitter so that she could work, or maybe she wouldn't even make enough money to break even. I also think that now my gifting has changed from that of serving to preaching/prophesying and it may have been a result of the many bodily traumas that I have suffered which prohibits me from being a "Martha" like I was for the first 40 yrs. of my life and now God has made me into a "Mary" type servant of Christ.

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