Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Admired By Your Mentor

I know that I have been through many things in this life that would crush or destroy others and maybe that is something that God can use in me to help others if they find themselves there.

I have thought some of the things I have gone through too painful to share. However, some of my real close family and friends have known some of the things I have gone through and because there was a parental suicide in my back ground I was so proud to have my baby sister look up to me in amazement at how I had come through what I have.

I love my siblings and my family so much that If that were the only reason for me to overcome and light the way then that is more then enough reason to have gone through what I have. They are definitely worth it! Maybe God will show me how to share some things that I utilized to make it through uncharted territory.

Love isn't mentioned as a spiritual gift in the since that some people think of it but I do think love can be a gift. I know not all my siblings love me the same way that I love them Because I love them with Divine Agape love and Brotherly love I think I can be more compassionate in trying to lead them to safe waters

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