Thursday, May 14, 2009

They Say It's Your Birthday

I woke up on the 13th thinking wow tomorrow is my birthday. And I have been very depressed this month already due to so many changes in my family. My daughter just moved to Calif. And they had a time getting her there in one piece on the Grey hound bus. And my son has just been transferred to someplace that he didn't like. So I gulped real hard and welled up tears but held them back. Then I got out my glasses and my bible as I do every morning first thing before I get out of bed.

I pondered a few thoughts of how depressed I was and wandered how it had been this bad for so long. It was fifteen yrs. since the initial onset of the most devastating event of my lifetime. That ended up lasting for nearly two yrs. because of being so depressed.
Yet, just three yrs ago the second most devastating event in my life happened. And it lasted till 2008. Both of these events set a new level of catastrophe for me even worse then my divorce. As my first divorce was the ultimate blow for me. . I think the nightmare has finally ended. Hallelujah!

They say it is harder to be resilient after a trauma in your life like a divorce or loss of job. Can you imagine what several of them would do to you?

Anyway, Today was totally different! God has been speaking to me through dreams every night and I do my best to remember them and handle it with prayer before anything else in my morning. And then my sister in law called and put my brother on speaker phone to wish me a happy birthday. We always have the best conversations.

Then my sister and my daughter called together and sang Happy Birthday to me from San Diego. That was the most precious birthday present that I could have got! So I am the most blessed woman in the universe hallelujah!

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