Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Child Pornograpy & Child Prostitution

This is a wake up call to every REAL Christian who is backslid or carnal. Why isn't the church more interested in the condition of our citizens then in the condition of their sex life, their bank account, or they belly?

Do you care enough about your future and the future of your children to do something about this. We have the answer, the answer is Christ Jesus alone. If our soldiers at the prime of their lives can put their souls and their lives on the front line of battle to protect this Nation then Shame on any pastor who is side tracked by porn, money or any other dissuasion.

I know that all the pastors have been targeted by the porn industry just like Rod Parsley said. But was it not me who said "the enemy is going to try and find your weakest area of your life and hit you there."

I told my good pastor friends over two yrs. ago to not compromise the word of God in any form or fashion and that they would not lose any ground at all but instead GAIN all enemy held territory from their personal enemies. But if they compromise they would lose the ground to the enemy. I gave that message out to several of my good pastor friends. I am giving it to you again.

God said if your eye offend you PLUCK It out!!! Do what the word says. Take the bible and His word every jot and tiddle as serious as life and death, heaven and hell. You and your families future depend on it.

Please sign Pastor Rod Parsleys NEW petition XXX-POSED to stop the porn industry again, you and your families lives may depend on it. To get laws enforced regarding the exploitation of women and children Call this automated system and sigh the petition Call NOW: 1-800-969-4782.

Stop the indecency and help save the children of America, the marriages of America and the health of America as HIV and AIDS is spread because of this wicked pornography Call NOW 1-800-969-4782.

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