Friday, May 15, 2009

Some Call Me An Over Achiever

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In 2004 God gave me a revelating dream and in it HE said "that stuff on the bottom of your foot is a result of me healing you from cancer."

When I woke up I had to look at the bottoms of my feet because I had no idea that there was anything on my feet. Sure enough there was a patch of red bumps and white bumps on the bottom of my left foot.
It didn't hurt but it was just weird.

Then I made an appointment with the dermatologist there in Palm Harbor, Florida. He told me that the stuff on my foot was psoriasis and usually is caused by stress. I had recently been hospitalized for cat scratch fever there at a near by hospital in Clearwater. When my primary got all my lab work back he said that my immune system had been compromised.

They had kept me in the hospital for five days and finally had to do a spinal tap because they couldn't find the cause of the illness. I was losing my eye sight and my white count was elevated. Since I didn't have any infectious diseases he said that stress had shut my immune system down. It was only a year after that when I went on a new pill for arthritis and starting having heart problems.

But I had God's word to me that HE was going to heal me. For the next few years I got very sick and thought I was going to die. I began looking at life differently. Some people now consider me an over achiever at certain things.

They don't understand how it feels to be so near deaths door and have your children and family scattered apart for so long. Well, it changed me into a completely different person. I am absolute opposite of what I was fifteen years ago. The cords of the grave still try to coil around me more often than I want to say. And the coils of death still try to entangle me. But I just get out my olive oil and plea the blood of the lamb.

I still feel exactly like what the famous poster girl and former actress looks like and what the former karate actor looks like. I just have been fighting it as hard as possible. I have some advice that I can give them to help them in their battles. But they can also get it from my website Old World Botanicals.

And most of the time I just really want to stay in my bed clothes all day and even in the bed. And that may be what God wants me to do. But my sister has been sending me make up and some clothes. So I like to dress up and put make up on too. Especially to take a picture of me and my kitty.

I fight temperatures and fatigue every day and the stuff is still on the bottom of my foot. It only got bad one time. And the doctor gave me some cream to make it go away. It was so bad I couldn't hardly walk.

But I combat all the fatigue with lots of caffeinated tea and tons of cancer fighting vitamins. I have shown much improvement since moving to Missouri. When I first got here. I could not be anywhere in my home without two pair of socks and my house shoes even in the middle of summer.

I really depend on God's word to me in the dream and in the Passover blessing scriptures in Exodus. Also in all the other healing verses in the scripture. I say them out loud too. I also take healing communion. That is where I quote Psalm 103: 1-4 with the other communion verses.

And I had to have a scarf over my head when I slept and when I went outside. I no longer have to wear socks and house shoes all year round but more than I like.

And I no longer have to sleep with a scarf except maybe on an occasional deep winter night. I still have to keep my head covered on windy days but I am counting on the day when I will let the wind blow through my hair as it did when I was fifteen.

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  1. The famous Actress that I was speaking of has since passed away but at the time I wrote the post Farrah Fawcett was at home fighting cancer. I can't recall which Karate Actor was in the medical news when I wrote this post. I should have just said their names in the blog but I didn't feel comfortable addressing it then.