Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fakers are the wolves in sheeps clothing or like goats

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Jesus was no pimp. He never wanted anyone to be sold into any slavery. He came to bring liberty to every captive. If one were a prostitute she/he would not have any liberty. But they would be the property of their slave master or pimp. Jesus would never buy, sell or use cocaine either.

The bible clearly tells us that we are to obey all the laws of man. It is illegal to buy, sell or use cocaine. The Scripture says if you violate, break or rebel against the laws of man or of God then that is rebellion which is as the sin of witchcraft.

God tells us that obedience is better than sacrifice. In Psalms we are told of the fakers who God would have fed with honey from the rock. But they pretended submission unto HIM and were not real Christians. God said they were "fakers" HE also tells us that there are goats who butt, or push all the weak sheep around. But God said in Ezekiel that HE will seek to destroy them. That is in the same text where He speaks of the worthless shepherds.

Are you a faker, a goat or a worthless shepherd? Are you fat and strong while butting all the weak sheep around with your horns? If so, God said HE will seek to destroy you. That is also what HE says HE will do to all the nations that come against Jerusalem.

HE said HE will send a plague to all the nations (countries, people, groups or organizations) that come against Jerusalem. And that plaque sounds exactly like an asteroid big enough to destroy the whole earth because God said that their eyeballs will burn while they are standing still.

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