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The Church Elders Said She Had A Demon In Her

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Once I had a good friend who was considered most honorable among the church community on a national level. She (Sue) became my best friend over the years.
Sue was almost 50 yrs older than me so Sue had a different best friend. Her best friend was near her age and her name was Georgia. Georgia was quite like Mother Sue and very respected in religious circles.
I had met Georgia at the first church I ever went to when I got saved in 1988. My children and I went there for three years. I was very active in that church and I worked in the church nursery.My mother had died in 1995.
I didn't have my mother anymore because they had told me that my mother was dying while I was over visiting Sue. Sue had a daughter a few years older than I who was very jealous of me. Sue told me how she wished she could talk to her daughter Polly like she talks to me. Georgia used to tell me that Polly had a demon. Even after Sue died Georgia said that Polly was demon possessed and that Polly wouldn't know what to do when all that money was gone.
Polly always embarrassed Sue because Sue had prayer meetings at her home every week for fifty years. Polly was so jealous that her mother spent time with her friends in prayer each week. So Polly intentionally tried to embarrass her.
When Sue got sick I was several states away and couldn't be there. But Polly was there and Polly was known all over that state in Mississippi for being and doing crazy things. No one ever messed with her because they knew that Polly was just crazy like that.
One time when she went to social service building they wouldn't do what she wanted so she got up on a desk and started screaming at the top of her lungs. She would go drive in front of her ex-husbands house and make threats.
Polly told me about the things she did. Polly once told me that if she ever got her mothers money that she was going to donate some of it to psychologist to get them to do a study on homelessness. She was poking fun of me because I was homeless from 94-95 and her mother was my best friend. She knew I didn't have any family to help me and that her mother was the only one I could count on in my life.
Polly thought that you had to be crazy if you were homeless. She didn't understand that I wasn't born with the silver spoon in my mouth as she was. But Mother Sue used to tell me that it is much better to have to suffer while you are young then to suffer when you are old.
She said life is always like some people have to suffer in their youth and then they have a good life when they are older. She said others suffer when they are older because they never suffered when they were younger. She was always right and she said that God gave her the position to be "Heaven's Reporter" and just before 9.11 happened I recall her saying that "God is over turning the money changers table". I miss Sue with all my heart. Sometimes I ask God to send me another when I am missing her really bad. But Georgia and I both know that there will could never be another Sue. Sue had a way of always knowing exactly what to say or do in any given situation. I Think that is because she was so close to God and she had his ear because He had hers. The greatest depths of truths that I discovered in God's ways was because of Sue. She was a great teacher. She used to tell me that she was a waterer in God's kingdom and flower garden. She would never tell me the answers in life but she would set me on the right path and leave me there. If I was to find the truth or knowledge it would only be because I wanted to. But Sue had a way of leaving one so curious that they would venture down that path each time. It may be a short journey but most of the times they were hidden truths that only time would reveal as one stayed on that path of scriptures.
So no matter what people may try to do with God's money, HE is in charge and He can rip it from their grips. Hallelujah! Sue got sick and was taken to the hospital. Polly got out important paperwork concerning her inheritance and made Sue sign something while Sue was on her death bed.
Polly got in the hospital bed with Sue and was jumping up and down on her trying to make Sue laugh. Polly didn't understand that you can't do those kind of things in a hospital or to a sick person. Sue died in the hospital and I never got to see her again. Polly still tries to destroy people who she is jealous of.
Polly hasn't figured out that you reap what you sow in this life. God says "if the righteous are recompensed in the earth, how much MORE the ungodly and the sinner."
This is a true story. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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