Monday, May 11, 2009

Keep Stopping Partial Birth Abortion; America Chose Life!

Please contact concerned Women of America or your local legislature to tell them that you support the banning of abortion. And that you want them to stop PresidentAdd Image Obama
from making it legal again when all of the American people already decided to ban partial birth abortion. Thank you! The following is an example of what action can be taken at CWA.

Thank you for using Concerned Women for America Mail System.

Message sent to the following recipients:

Daily Guide



Lake Sun





Lebanon Daily Record

Richland Mirror

& The Pulaski County Democrat

Rolla Daily News

Springfield News

-Leader Message text follows:

Message text follows: Kimi Gerred[Leaders Address was inserted here] May 8, 2009 [recipient address was inserted here], [recipient name was inserted here],

Please help us to keep the hard work that was accomplished by the banning of partial birth abortions. Please support Concerned Women of America and help them to stop President Obama from reversing the great accomplishment of banning partial birth abortions. Sincerely, Kimi Gerred[Leaders Phone number was inserted here]

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