Monday, May 11, 2009

Cambodia's Children

What if this were your child

Watch Joyce Meyer today and see how you can help her to stop the suffering of humanity.

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    I know my donations to LIFE Today with Betty and James Robinson, and my donations to Rod Parsley Bridge of Hope were going directly to feeding the African people and bringing them clean water.

    I want to see world hunger end! And I want the children of the world to have a good meal, clean water and a roof over their head. The little children of Cambodia eat breakfast, lunch and dinner out of the garbage yard every day. The dig through miles and miles of garbage dump site to find a piece of an orange peeling. That is more than I can bare to think about. The little children of Hatti pound their fists on the ground begging God for food. That is more than I can bare. The people of Africa walk days to get water sometimes. Then bring it back home to their children to give their children a death sentence by poisoned water. That is more than I can bare.

    The global warming will eventually (Sooner rather than later) effect the water shortage that the world is already experiencing. So Every Nation, Every Continent, Every business, Every person must do their part to recycle, reuse, & reduce. And to stop the waste that has been so prevalent in modern day Babylonian Cities and countries. We do that in ways such as newspapers and mail that are printed for waste. The wrong kind of water systems such as the ones that they use currently in the Middle East such as desalinization are causing global warming to be much worse. Global warming in all actuality & in the long run makes it harder for the Children of Africa to have access to water. And making their hopes of ever resolving the problem of extreme water shortage further away.