Monday, May 11, 2009

How you can help us battle the evils of pornography‏

Porn destroys the lives of children, men and women. Some children are molested because of porn. Some women are raped because of porn. Some contract STD and even AIDS OR HIV because of pornography. Men's lives are destroyed too by addictions to porn that tear their family apart, breaks the hearts of their wives. Please support Rod Parsley as he exposes this truth concerning porn. Thank you! Kimi G.
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"As a pastor, I've seen the damage that pornography does to individuals and families. And yet it's grown even more disgusting and degrading over the years. Pornographers are shrewd entrepreneurs and are especially savvy with technology. In fact, the fastest-growing segment of their industry is created and produced for distribution by cell phone! Pornography is the gigantic industry that's barely visible in the public marketplace; its annual income is estimated at $13 billion. That's approximately $44.67 for every man, woman and child in America!
What's especially frustrating for me is the unwillingness of our government to work effectively to stop this evil, exploitive industry. There has been some success at the state and local level in regulating sexually oriented businesses, but Congress and the courts have been virtually silent on the issue, even blocking attempts to curb Internet porn. I think it's time to take action, and I want you to join me!
The Center for Moral Clarity has produced two astonishing programs for "Breakthrough" thatXXX-pose the pornography industry for what it is and what it does, in the voices of people who understand the situation first-hand. Tune in this week to watch these important programs! (Click here to find where to watch "Breakthrough" on television in your area, or click here to watch the episodes online). I know these programs will open your eyes to the magnitude of the problem we face, and inspire you to righteous action.
Programs like this are just one of the things we do to defend biblical truth and shape our wayward culture. We know, from the response programs like these receive, that we are effective in creating awareness of the challenges the Church faces in these difficult times. What you may not know is that we can't produce programs like this without your support.
Would you help me underwrite these groundbreaking programs on pornography? For your gift of any amount to the Center for Moral Clarity, I will send you a copy of my New York Times best-selling book, "Culturally Incorrect," and "Free at Last," my book designed to help those struggling with addictions. Might I suggest a gift of $44.67, to symbolically offset the impact of pornography on just one other person?
I appreciate you more than words can easily express. Together, as the Body of Christ, we are changing the conversation in Washington and in the public square. Politicians, to an extent that wasn't true a generation ago, are confronting issues of morality in everything they do, and I believe that will benefit us as God gives us favor. Thank you for standing with me on this vital issue!"

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