Monday, May 11, 2009

Israel and Palestine

Very Serious Truths are explained in this book. Please support Israel and read this book to understand what the apple of God's eye is up against and find out how it pertains to the world. Thank You! Kimi G.

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ISRAEL & PALESTINEObvious Questions No One Asks
The 1844 Census of Jerusalem Found
7120 Jews...5760 Arabs...3390 Christians

Who Are Palestinians?
Why Do Palestinians Not Have a Country?
Why Do Arab Countries Not Accept Palestinian Refugees?
Who Are Sunni and Shi’a?
Who Are Hamas and Hezbollah?
Who Is Fatah?
Who Are Jews?
Why Does Israel Build a Wall?
Why Does Israel Attack Gaza?
Why Does Israel Not Return Land Captured in the Six Days War?
Why Does Israel Not Return Golan Heights to Syria?Why Does Israel Build Settlements?
What happened in 1967?
Why Does the United States Support Israel?
Why Does Britain Side with Arabs?What Is Zionism?
What Is Mossad?
What Are the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?
What Is Die Spinne?
Is Israel a Nuclear Power?
Why Are Jews so Powerful? by Dr. Farrukh Saleem
Appendix I - Middle East Universities in Top 500
Appendix II - Muslim NobelistsAppendix III - Jewish NobelistsClick on Israel & Palestine Ch. I Upper Left to Read First ChapterBooks Available from Amazon in the United States,Britain, Canada, France, Germany, China & Japan,As Well As Online Booksellers Worldwide59 Pages - Quick Read - Handy Reference - Perfect GiftBook $9.95 in the United StatesUse Link Upper LeftAdobe digital eBook $6 Use Adobe eBook Link Upper LeftInstant Delivery WorldwideBooksellers & Bulk Purchaserscall1-800-AUTHORS, extension 5024Writers, Columnists, Editors, Reporters, Broadcasters & BloggersReview This BookForward this Page to Every Friend of Israel[On some systems - including iMac - text may not all align properly.]

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