Monday, May 14, 2012

Kim Gerred: I'm No Quitter!

Wonder what I've been doing most of my adult life?  Here is the answer and replies to any unspoken  questions about what I've been doing all these years!  NO one in my family was there for me when I lost my home either time.  Then again, neither was the government or the church.  Kinda hard to help yourself after you have sustained severe injuries to your head and spine as many times as I did.  Of couse, we all know that was how my momma and daddy raised us kids because we saw them not being able to pay their rent or buy food a few times growing up but they would never ask for help.  Nor did they feel right about accepting any help.  But the truth is that is not what the bible teaches!  The bible says we are to help those in need!  Like it or not, you cannot change the bible!

Yea, we could all blame it on the fact that some in my family were miles away both times but many in the family could have helped in other ways but they chose NOT to.  

But please know and Remember I had a paper route at six AM on Brunswick street when Lori was only five years old REMEMBER!!!  Oh, and don't forget the Root boor joint, the Pizza parlor, or the detasseling the corn fields in the sixth grade when me and Juli brought home more money than daddy even made.   Or about Wendy's drive thru restraunt (in Pearl) for over a year in High school while also cleaning our 3 bedroom house, doing all of our laundry and having the best night life any teen ager could ever ask for!!!!

Nor how I worked for Momma & Daddy at the carpet store, the phone store, the laundry mat and I was THE ONLY ONE who ever worked for daddy and helped him at the flea market loading and unloading the van every weekend and setting up the displays tables (four of them to be exact!!!!) after he had his 5 bipasses! I never got NO 401 K or any other retirement plan!

And what about how I had to BEG Mike to let me work at the phone solicitor (after I got run over from my knee to my head by a 4 door car) and I made so much money that I paid for our first vacation, rented a brand new Camero with t-tops and we went to Panama City Beach for vacation with our baby sitter and Austin and Ashleigh!!!

Don't forget me working at the country club and making so much money that I flew back to MS for Christmas with tons of presents for the kids when they lived with momma and daddy.  Then I was almost killed in the motorcycle wreck in 1987 but no one in my family was anywhere around neither was anyone else but I still took care of Austin and Ashleigh. All the while carrying four children for nine months each in my belly, giving birth, and raising them all BY MY SELF until Austin was 14 yrs old on $120.00 a month income!

Then I began college for five years, suffered 2 yrs of homelessness, loss of all my kids, 2 cats, a dog, my health and all my possessions, then went on to become a lic. insurance agent in Florida until yet another severe auto accident in 1999 and that is when the judge declared me disabled in 2000.  Then in 2005, I lost my 3 bedroom home, my piano, my washing machine and all my possessions and remained homeless again for 3 years though I had just had FIVE (5) out patient surgeries in the same year and the doctors all said that I was too sick to move but the Government Project housing manager didn't listen or care.

Including a heart catheridzaiton, major oral surgery (that left me going in and out of shock for over 1 year afterwards) , a colonoscopy (Dr. Patel and Dr. Zelig found and they cut 2 pollups out), and Upper GI (and they also found severe intestinal yeast infection and have never been able to get rid of it) , and sleep apnia test)  BUT did you EVER see me quit????

NO!!!  You didn't ever see me quit!  I went on to get my certificate at AACC in 09, then took over 4 more classes from them from 2010-2011 and I paid for all of them out of my own pocket.  THEN, I took online marketing and created over 30 monetized webpages so that I could support myself!  Then in 2012,  I have written and published another nine books to go with the other one that I published in 2009!!!!

I also put my professionally recorded CD online for market too!   And I've been busy ministering and evangelizing the gospel all over this nation while all of the above was happening.  Including baptizing about 50 children in the Gulf of The Mexico, teaching them piano, taking them to church for 5 years from my youth ministry that GOD (and mother Nell) initiated and I have tons of pictures and letters of recommendations from the YMCA to prove it.

Many times I've been trampled all over and bullied around by others but that was in my youth!  I will and GOD will NOT Tolerate it any longer and I can assure you of that!!!!   Thank you!

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