Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mother Nell Told Me That It Was Lonely At The Top

My best friend was an 88 year old well respected lady from the deep south. She lived in a nice big house just North East of Jackson, Ms. off County Line road. I always thought of her as a prophet because man could she hear from God.

She told me that it was lonely at the top. She told me lots of things that I still remember though she died a few years back. God has never replaced her either. She was indispensable to me. But I wouldn't mind another friend like her.

A few weeks ago I had to call an atty. about somethings that may be connected to my two youngest children who haven't been seen since 1999. The lawyers office found out about some of the attacks that have been launched against me and my family.

Then the lawyers office told me that the best defense is a good offence. It is hard to go on the offense when you have been under peoples feet for a long time! I know they weren't talking about me going on the offense to counter their attacks.

Rather they were talking about the attacks may have been launched because they may be guilty of foul play concerning my two missing children.

But I can't help but think of how the Kansas City Chiefs and I would be so much better off if we could ever get up and shake the dust off. Pull our shoulders back, tighten our core and go after the opposition!

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