Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Both! Pursuing The Promise Land & Fleeing Pharoe

I lost my home of eight yrs in 2005 in Tarpon Springs, Fl. just 2 weeks after Katrina. That was the same year that I had five out patient surgeries and the doctors told the Government Housing authority that I was not able to move. The Government Housing authority didn't listen to my doctors. I still have the doctors request stating that I was not in any physical condition to move. But it was only three months later after the devastation of loosing my home, my piano, my family photos, all my possessions, a five year youth ministry to about 75 ghetto children some of which were "latch key"children (children who had to let themselves in after school because there were no parents at home to take care of them) and other children were just wanting to come and play my piano when God gave me the incredible dream of what HE had created me for. And that was the dream when HE told me that HE had anointed me to run in politics! That was the most profound and revolutionary thing that had ever happened to me in my life after having my four children and being born again into Christianity! It was enough to keep me looking forward through the turmoil of the next few years that followed when I had no shelter other than a missionary's floor or Sunday school room floor.

There was no shelter at all on the Gulf Coast for someone like me. I ended up in Laredo, Tx. sleeping on a Burmese missionary's floor taking care of their 4 yr old boy named "Sum" (who became the apple of my eye) for four months. Then back to Jackson, Ms. where I slept in a Sunday School room floor in Madison, MS. for a year and helping the pastors wife with the 3 yr olds on Sunday night. Finally in Jan. 2008 God gave me my own home in MO. but I had a tremendous fall on the ice and the winds there scared me to pieces. One morning it sounded as if a tornado ripped past my bedroom window and the sirens had already gone off. I was too sick and couldn't even get out of bed. I moved here to So. Cal to be with my daughter and sister after I had confirmation from God. I was kidding around and said I was on my tour in 2006. The Coast in MS. still doesn't have adequate shelter and housing after Katrina.

I love it here in So. Cal. I have never seen anything more beautiful in my life! The arthritis had almost seemingly dried up all but in my shoulders and occasionally in my foot and knee until I had two tremendous bike wrecks. The last one was devastating! The doctor had already been wanting to take another look at a tumor that a MRI revealed on my lower spine in 2009. But, I still believe even after the bad fall in Missouri just nine months prior to them finding the tumor, and after the two devastating bike wrecks here in Ca. that God can reverse all the damage!

I am doing my part by eating right, and taking the proper supplements that have been prescribed to me. And I am doing my physical therapy and exercise as my body, and time permit. It is not always easy but my life and my times are in HIS hands!

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