Wednesday, July 6, 2011

YouTube - ‪U2 Elevation Live in Chicago 2011 God can take US Higher!

When I need my innocence back or to be elevated so 2 speak all I have 2 do is run to God in repentance. Then after I have asked God to forgive me for what ever ungodly thing I was partaking of I lift my hands in truth & in spirit to worship HIM in sweet surrender. That is when HE fills me with HIS light, HIS joy and HIS countenance lightens upon me just as it did upon Moses when he came down off the mountain where he had been with God.

Do you need Ur innocence back? All U have 2 do is sincerely ask God to forgive U and 2 help U 2 live Ur life to bring glory 2 HIM. Which I am sure that U R already doing. I just kinda have a feeling about that. Surrender! Surrender 2 HIM & He will take Ur heavy burden off of U. Don't ever pick it back up! U R precious 2 HIM! ‬‏

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