Wednesday, July 6, 2011

UNDONE; With Or Without U

Why Is it every time I look at U All that I want 2 do

Is pour my love completely out & all over U

My heart can't bare 2 see U sad

All that is within me wants U 2 B glad

& I just know if U not happy then something aint right

Step out of the darkness & then run 2 the light

God wants U 2 B happy & heal Ur broken heart 2

I don't want Ur Money I want Ur love & I want U!

For U I have Longed My whole adult life

To Love U forever & B Ur wife

All these years I have been with the wrong one

Or all alone for 11 years and all undone

I didn't know how 2 reach U but that is not True now

I can only pray that God will make a way somehow

If I missed my chance with U

Because I did not know what 2 do

I'm still blessed just 2 have known U R here on earth

For truly God blessed us all with just even Ur birth!

Palm Springs, CA. 2011

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