Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shake The Devil Off

A True Story (Names Changed to protect Identity)

Someone has been plundering my mail. It began when I moved here to Missouri and shared a home with a lady from Aug. 8th, 2007 through September 13, 2007. Someone had given her a car just like mine, same color and same size but a different make than my Navy Blue Kia. I saw her go to the mailbox and put mail in the trunk.

Then when I moved out of there I had my mail forwarded to a Post Office Box in Osage Beach. Then, later I had all my mail forwarded to my home. Several months later that same women brought me a bill from the Department of Education that she said came to the house where I used to live. I knew that was impossible because I had all my mail forwarded from the that location to the Post Office and from the Post Office to my house. Forwards remain in effect for a year.

Then almost two years later she did it again. She took a piece of my mail to the church where I used to go and she gave it to the secretary.
On December 10, 2009 I had all my mail forwarded back to Florida electronically by putting in my credit card information on the United States Postal Service website. It was because someone kept plundering my mail. I had already made several complaints to Postal Inspector and that is the only way that they said I could resolve it. On the tenth of January the mail forward would expire and I would have to put in a new forward.

had intentions of forwarding my mail back to Texas to make sure that they were able to continue stealing my identity. But the Lord said bring it back home.
I listened to the Lord and I put on the new forward to have my mail sent back here to my home in Missouri on January 10, 2010. But the same day that I put the forward in, all my mail in a stack of it was in my mailbox bundled up with rubber bands. Yesterday, again my mail was all there. No one had stole any of it. However today, my mail again had been plundered. There was one piece of mail and one Country Curtain magazine. So I called the local post master (Barry) and asked him why didn't they forward my mail when I paid for it to be forwarded out of state. Barry verified that it was supposed to be forwarded on the tenth of December.

And I told him that they had not forwarded my mail and that someone again plundered my mail today. I also told him the two reasons I knew my mail was not forwarded was because the day that the Florida post office was supposed to stop forwarding my mail was the same (following business day) that someone put all my mail back in my mail box. Also, there were no little yellow forward labels on the front of my mail. Not a one of them had a yellow forward sticker.

But the stack of mail was a foot high. He told me that they were supposed to have the yellow labels on them. I asked him where my mail went when I had it forwarded it. He said that my mail went to Springfield. He also told me to call the police and that he would be willing to tell the police (chief Tates) that the mail was supposed to have yellow forwarding stickers on it. The officer chief Tates asked me how could someone be stealing my mail and I told him what when all the wickedness began. And I told chief Tates that there is wickedness in high places, just like there are good cops and bad cops or
Rogue Agents when people are lawless and criminal. Chief Tates said that he would call the Post Master Barry.

When The financial melt down and housing markets crashed between 2007 and 2009 the word that the three witness' gave yesterday during the hearing was that it happened because no one followed the rules. No one followed the protocol. They took risks outside of the safety margins and it sunk the Titanical financial ship of America. If you disobey rules, disregard peoples rights, overlook lawlessness you are setting the stage for a disaster.

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