Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Way It Should Be Done "Freedom God's Way (Deliverance)"

Years ago I had lots of Christian Counseling as a single mother and as a new Christian but still hung up in addictions of things and relationships that were destroying me.

I didn't know that my behavior was causing the problems in my life or even worse just making them bigger so I didn't want to change. Everyone including my Christian circle of friends was doing the same things I was so I was content.

The problem was none of them were single mothers. And the only one who was a single mother wasn't a Christian and she had her whole family helping her raise her two children. I didn't have anyone helping me but God and His Holy Angels.

So the counseling frustrated my wonderful friend who was trying to help me because he knew that I would not open up and be honest with him. Because of that I will be very careful how I handle anyone in those type of addictive behaviors.

Also, God has gifted me in the area of healing when I was born again. That is the first gift I received and it was confirmed by five different elders of which four I had never seen before in my life.

I say that because it will have a profound influence on how I will minister (counsel) to someone with an addictive behavior as healing goes hand in hand with deliverance. Anytime one is gifted in healing then deliverance may be in operation as well.

1. First I would want the person that I am trying to help to become a friend to me. I would want God to place an Agape love in my heart for my friend. I would rely heavily upon God's supernatural gifting in my life coupled with prayer privately for my friend and united with my friend.

2. Then I would make sure that change was something that they wanted and were ready for. I would also look for events or circumstances in the persons life that would be evident for reference and relevance of the pain that the sin was causing.

3. Then I would bring the word of God that would be relevant to that situation in view and have my friend read it out loud (while I am silently praying and observing.) I would be prayerful during the entire length of our relations. I would try to open and close each session with prayer for optimum results.
I would gently try to expose the ravages of that sin in my friends life and gradually insert scriptures that would eject the sin.

4. My goal would be to have my friend repent privately and if they felt comfortable enough with doing it publicly with me and maybe with the ones that my friend has hurt.

5. Then to make sure that all provisions for that sin were removed out of my friends home, work, leisure and to be protected from that sin in every aspect of the persons life.

6. To replace it with new godly activities such as spending time in the word, at church or doing something wholesome.

7. And to reward their good decisions with a good Christian marker like a book, a C.D. or some little trinket that they can memorialize the great success event.

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