Friday, May 8, 2009

Sally Supports The Troops

Sally would like to share with all of the troops her testimony which is not documented or recorded but is a living witness to the power of the gospel of Christ Jesus. Sally, like some of the troops was diagnosed with Post Trauma Stress Disorder.

After loosing a five bedroom home and her four children in December of '94 and forced to go live in an abandoned home in the city of Jackson, Mississippi where crime was thriving. Sally had no where to live but an abandoned apt. across from a drug and alcohol treatment gathering hall.

Sally had never lived in a city before. Only in small towns where Sally was always protected. Sally had been through several traumas to her body including being run over by a car nearly the entire length of her body.

After that she had to have stitches in her head and the doctor ordered her to bed rest because of the three broke ribs. She had also been almost killed in motorcycle wreck and several car wrecks.

Sally wasn't used to ever hearing guns go off in her neighborhood, and she didn't know what crack was. She wasn't used to seeing drug users walk up and down the street. Sally was terrified, she was all alone and she got mentally sick with PTSD.

Sally was also depressed being separated from her children so she didn't get any better. It went from bad to worse. She tried some anti depressants but they made her worse. That was the only time in her life that she had ever thought about suicide was while she took that anti depressant.

She knew that she wasn't thinking right and had been warned of the side effects of the new pill so she stopped taking it. The strange feelings and horrible thoughts went away and she didn't want to run off the highway bridge at a high speed anymore.

Sally didn't have food to eat and there wasn't anywhere she could go to get help. She was white and this happened in a 95% African American city. For four months all she had to eat was a box of cereal, a jar of peanut butter and a bottle of honey.

A nice black church out near the highway had given her one box of food so she made it last all summer. She gave some of the food to her Indian friends and some to her Viet Nam Vet. neighbor named Wally because he let her bath in his shower sometimes. And the Indian people needed help really bad.

Sally would eat one tablespoon of each item every day. Sally didn't know that she wasn't eating enough for the stress on her body as Sally had just learned a little about fasting. she needed to lose weight anyway and that was all She had to eat. Every once in a while a neighbor (Wally) would invite Sally to his apt. to eat boiled eggs or occasionally a steak. Wally was real sick and had earned a purple heart in the war.

When his legs would swell up and seep infection Sally would go to the store for him and she would also pray for him. Wally really liked that and he noticed how her prayers made the swelling and redness leave his legs. And how the infection would stop pouring out. So Wally bought a bible and had his name put on it.

Sally was the only friend that would do that for Wally. Wally would let Sally come to have coffee every day. And usually eat boiled eggs or potato chips. And sometimes about once a year he would have her over for a steak but that was a rare occasion.

That following Fall, Sally developed an inner ear infection and bronchitis as the drivers window was out in her 1967 Barracuda. Sally was raped and all she could do was sit up all night long reading her bible by candle light holding onto a baseball bat with the door cracked because it was broken as well as the window.

When Sally would finally sleep she would place a chair and wedge it in front of the door so that she would hear someone if they tried to break in. It would get 120 degree in there with no electricity in the summer and freezing cold in the winter.

Sally was too terrified to sleep. The first time she heard something in that dark, creepy place It was so hot that sweat just dripped off of her. Sally was in her bathing suit to keep some kind of clothes on and be able to breath. It was late one night about three A.M. and Sally heard something and the bed moved.

She jumped up and ran to her car still in her bathing suit and drove to her friends house. Sally pounded on the door but they were sound asleep. That was where her rock and roll friends Will, Tommy, Terry, and Rex lived that played Christian and Rock and Roll at the local Christian Rock House. It was an all night coffee and live band Christian club right next to all the discos in downtown Jackson.

She pounded again and again but they just ignored the banging after all it was 3AM. Sally was in her bathing suit in the middle of the night in Jackson, Mississippi. She drove over there in a 1967 Barracuda that had the drivers side window busted out of it. That was the nearest to "Crazy" that she had ever been.

That had to be when she developed PTSD. Rod Parsley is one of Sally's favorite preachers that she watched every day before she lost her home. He told a story of how Smith Wigglesworth once had his bed move around on him. Now Sally knew that it was just the devil making those noises and made her bed move.

But with no electricity, and all the other things that was going on around there it scared the mess out of her. Sally would stay up all night then sleep at the crack of dawn. That went on for two and a half yrs. In the winter Sally would get so cold that the wind would blow right through all the coats and blankets that she would wrap herself in.

The good thing that came out of it was that she read the bible. Sally got the bible down inside of her. It changed who she was inside as she devoured the bible. The devil used to pick on Smith Wigglesworth too. But Them good ole timey preachers got smart just like Sally and they found out it was just the devil and that he couldn't hurt them.

The devil can only torment them as long as they would allow him to. But he couldn't hurt them and he can't hurt you. If you are a born again Christian you can take authority over him by binding him and casting him out.

Sally liked to anoint her dwelling place with prayer, and reading the bible out loud and then with holy anointed olive oil. It has never once failed to bring the expected result of deliverance and blessing.

Sally just had to put forth the time, and effort that it requires. Now, after staying in the word, learning the ways of God, Sally no longer turns to men, sex, drugs, or alcohol, or even cigarettes for comfort."

God has totally set Sally free from all of those things. She relies on prayer, the word of God and being obedient to the Holy Spirit and what He wants her to do. It is a wonder and a miracle that Sally lived to tell her story or to over come all that she had been through.

But If you find it hard to believe then all you have to do is go to Jackson Revival Center off Silas Brown. And many of the leadership there can verify to the validity of that testimony. It happened between December 1994 and June 1996.

Sally wants to be sure that everyone understands the devastation that particular social problem has on an individuals health, their own personal family, and even their futures.

If you want to make sure that you are a born again Christian and have the Holy Spirit so that you can have authority over devils just like Sally then just pray this pray and mean it with all your heart;

Father God, I want to be saved and I know that Jesus is your only Son who died on the cross to pay for my sins. Please forgive me for all of my sins and help me to live for you. Make me brand new. Wash away my sins with your redeeming blood. Lord Jesus come into my heart and make me your very own. Fill me full of your resurrection Holy Spirit and teach me your ways. Help me to live for you all my life. I give you my life Lord Jesus and I thank you for saving me. AMEN

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