Friday, May 8, 2009

Lori and Ashleigh Are safe in Cali now

Ashleigh and Lori arrived in San Diego Friday morning around eight in the morning. Ashleigh doesn't do well on trips. This is the second one in less than six months. First she went to Florida to see her grandma in the hospital.

She was in tears all the way home. Today again she was in tears while she told me that she fell off the bus twice. My sister Lori told me that Ashleigh only had one seizure on the bus. My daughters foot is all swelled up and she may have broke several toes. But she has a new boy friend that she met on the bus. He is a marine on his way back to Iraq. He let my daughter put her swollen foot on his leg so she could put her leg up and let the swelling go down. My sister Lori said that the marine is in love with Ashleigh.

That is easy to understand with her brilliant mind, her gorgeous looks and her beautiful heart. I have been wanting Ashleigh to get married. I just know that there is one marine that will be soaked in prayer by Ashleigh and her mother. How blessed is that! Ashleigh said she is home now and that she is staying there. We will see about that!

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