Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wealth Can & Should Be Used For Good

Some people live in a fantasy world. One where they have never known lack, or hardship. And to me they are just fake. They live in some fantasy world where they have never had a need and I am sorry.... but I don't know how to relate to that. They want their lives to be perfect, nothing out of place.... and that is just simply never gonna happen.

The truth is, there are broken things in life, their are hurting people who have real needs... needs like a roof over their head, transportation to get to the doctor or to the store and some may even need a hot meal or clean water. And some times life has been so hard on some people for so long they not only have broken lives but they have become broken in spirit and in body due to long years of suffering. 

There are some people who do not know how to relate... and sadly, they have never even ever cared to relate. To me, those kind of people are fakers, they are zombies! Ahab was the dude in the bible who stole Naboth's vineyard after he murdered him. 

There are people like that who don't care how much they have. Even if they have three or four houses or mansions.... they will just as soon steal yours even if you don't have anything else. And those are the people who I am talking about! 

There are others who do care and others still who care and have been placed in positions to do something about and thank God... in a few cases... they do! They make wealth a good thing because they are not greedy. They do care about the underdogs!

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