Saturday, July 7, 2012

2012 Election

I believe we need a new energy policy that will slowly but surely wean ourselves off of foreign oil completely by heading toward clean energy and domestic energy only.

There does not need to be one person who goes without basic medical and dental care without being charged unsurmounted bills that they would never be able to pay in this life time but we don't need any health care policy that requires the American people to pay for contraceptives or abortions.

Nor do we need any health care policy that burdens small businesses to provide health care for their employees when they are already struggling to stay in business as many companies have been in this failed economy every since 2008.

There are other ways that we can begin getting the health of this nation to head in the right direction by teaching the effects of poor diet while introducing new ways to prepare much of the same foods but by using healthier grains, sweeteners, and oils while adding in more fresh produce, seeds, fish and grains.

America needs to bring back as many jobs as possible that were previously outsourced by the Bush Administration in order for us to get back to our first nation status that China has recently taken from us.

We need to be buying all American as much as possible to create more jobs here in America also to bring our nation more gross production income so that we can begin to think about digging ourselves out of the trillions of dollars of debt that we are in.

We can also begin producing solar operated household electronics such as Computers, microwaves, MP3 players, DVD players, televisions and what ever else that we use in our homes and this will create new jobs and prepare us for a greener and more sustainable future.

We can also begin converting our gas stations nation wide and have the infrastructure in place to also provide natural gas for natural gas operated vehicles and converting vehicles or building natural gas operated vehicles once again this will create more jobs and help America to head towards a more sustainable and greener future. 

I raised four children with $120.00 dollars a month and I know how to control a budget and live modestly within my means.  As a nation we need to practice the same things that single mothers have been forced to practice for decades... if you don't have the money for it... you do without!  You cut ALL wasteful and unnecessary spending weather it is comfortable or not.  The American Government needs to be able to learn to shop like a single mother so they will not pay  $12.00 dollars for a product that they can get the identical or even better quality product for only $8.00 dollars.  But then again, it wasn't their money they were spending so they didn't care!

For me that meant I couldn't buy a cup coffee at the local convenient store but I had to make my coffee at home and use a recycle mug each morning. It meant that my children got shoes & coats before I got clothes or make up. It also meant (as horrible as it sounds) that diapers came before laundry detergent. For our government agencies and offices it may mean no printing, postal mailing, traveling etc.... unless it is absolutely necessary,  It may also mean recycling older model transportation vehicles, and using refurbished computers, fax machines, telephone systems, desks  rather than purchasing new ones.

Spending for education has got way out of hand and there is much waste, theft and unnecessary spending in that department and many other Governmental agencies  and departments.

There is one marriage honorable unto to God and that marriage bed is undefiled between one man and one woman only.  God honors those who honor HIS word.  Since HE hates the shedding of innocent blood (ref. Proverbs 6:16) then it is common sense if we do something that HE hates HE would have good reason to be displeased with us.

I believe if HE says we are to honor it in HIS word then we should honor it in our nation.  It is clear all through the word of God that if we keep HIS word HE will fight for us, protect us, bless us and keep us.  It is also clear in HIS word if we turn away from HIM that we have put ourselves in dangerous territories by getting out of the will of God.

Other countries have welfare programs similar to our social security system and everyone in their country does public service on a regular basis then if you ever need the welfare system to help you it is available because you paid it forward.  We need a welfare over haul in this nation.

We need to do mandatory recycling and begin to aggressively teach our children how to live responsible lives to themselves so that they will not be participating in socially inappropriate behavior that would put their health at risk.  And begin to teach them it is all of our responsibility to protect our planet's resources from chemicals, from drought, from floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and from whatever else may threaten humanity in the short or long haul.

Our military is one of the finest world wide yet they have been over taxed with this ten year war.  We need to continue improving standards for those who have served and continue researching what the needs are of active duty military as well as those who have returned injured from this war.  They should also have priority when it comes to job placement for those who left their jobs to fight for us only to return to find that job no longer available.

The borders have compromised this nations security in many ways with drug cartels, illegal pornography and  non Mexican illegal immigrants using that Mexico border to enter our country.  The borders must be closed.  There needs to be comprehensive work permits or legal residency status for everyone here but there does not need to be one person in this nation without proper photo identification on file with the immigration or social security administration.

That is just a few good things that we as a nation need to begin implementing so that we can move towards a healthier, wiser, more sustainable, and more prosperous, stronger and independent America.

Thank you!  This is Kim Gerred and I approve this message!

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