Saturday, November 19, 2011

Statement To & About The Occupiers

If the statement that the occupiers are making is "Stop the war, Tax the super wealthy per capita as the middle class are taxed, and lesson the gap between the super rich and the poor" then I totally agree with them.

However, No one Can tolerate chaos, which is what the protests have been lately. It broke my heart in pieces to see that young man's head all bloody. And to the occupiers, I would say: Don't take it out on the police, they are in the same financial boat that you are in: they are underpaid and over worked in a dangerous and hostile environment everyday.

If you want to bring real changes then volunteer to some organization that you believe in or start your own business and change your financial status. The market is perfect for creating wealth.


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  1. If you agree with my statement, please show your support by helping me spread the word about my campaign I am not funded by the oil industry, the pharmaceutical industry or any other special interest group on K street. And your help to spread the word is greatly appreciated! Thank you!