Saturday, October 8, 2011

Glenn Beck

(37) Glenn Beck I like Glenn Beck, I love his reference to faith, and our fore fathers. But his words about service "tell us how we can serve you" is nothing short of hypocrisy! Those who support Glenn Beck are the very same ones who would just as soon kick the poor off the planet but just like the 911 terrorist they will lie to your face in the name of American Christian Religion (instead of Islamic Religion) when they have never been saved a day in their life!

Less than 2 yrs ago. I had broken teeth that were abscessed for over six months in Missouri with no dental insurance but I couldn't get any help from the government, the church or my family. In Dec. 1994 I had four children (1 was only 18 months old) when I lost my five bedroom home but I couldn't get the government, the church or my family to help so now my oldest two children and I haven't seen the youngest two children since 1999. So tell me once more @GlennBeck Glenn Beck how you and those who support you and all the "tax break Billionaires" are going to be good public servants and stop trying to kick the poor off the planet that they slaved to build while many others just stuffed their pockets with the plunder of the poor

Even now as I type my left hand is swollen twice the size of it's counter part because of a couple of recent bike wrecks that re injured the left hand that was previously injured from over use of the computer. I am right handed but in 2000 I was in an automobile accident that left my right arm with extremely limited mobility. In January of 2010 I had to stop using the left hand for the mouse and switch back to the right hand. So far, It has not been too bad but very limited. But I am still typing, I have published a book in 2009 (after I was declared disabled in 2000), I am an internet marketer, and I do tax lien investing as a hobby.

But I don't have a car or the money to buy one so because of my knees and foot I will bike to church today (occasionally with one hand as I did earlier this week) I really don't care to hear how any Brown nosers who hate the poor people think that can save America! Today is the Holy Sabbath Mr. Glenn Beck so I don't know why you did a public speech. Happy Yom Kippur!

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