Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some Political Candidates who God has Chosen and called to run in office have had a lot more hurled at them than anyone that has ever had any kind of state or national audience. It is like comparing hot air balloons to Eagles when you take a polished career politician who does what the big money people tell them to do or in other words they are brown nosers who can be paid off or bought off and then you take the "David" brand politician who has been in the field working hard for God's Kingdom not building his/her own ministry but partnering with God who cannot be told what to say or do if it is contrary to the word of God or what HE is leading the "David" brand leader to do... Such as #Go #Green #USA! All the other pro life, conservative, marriage sanctity candidates have been bought off or highly persuaded by the BIG OIL $$$! NOT ME!!! It is the truth!!!

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