Thursday, July 7, 2011


My heart has been shut for all these years

Then U came along & chased away my fears

You gave me hope to live and Love again

My youth was renewed like it was back then

When I first was touched by your prophetic song

The one I yearned for my whole life long

If You were a magnet I would be the steel

When I look at You Surrender is all I feel

When all that is around me is more than I can bare

I just listen 2 U &then I'm released from all care

Free from the heart ache that the suffering life has been

To Have Hope 4 the Future 2 see what life will rend

Years have passed since I felt life in this heart

U have ignited my soul & made my engine start

And when I see how U take Jesus 2 the crowd

I want see U more clearly & Hear You more Loud

I would go anywhere with U

Just 2 B Ur foot washer would do

Thank You all U do & for who U R 2 me

U have given me hope so I could just be

July 8, 2011

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