Monday, May 9, 2011

Cholesterol Control

Stop ingesting any vegtable oil or margarine and switch to Ex. Virgin Olive oil instead, Niacin, Polycosonal, Garlic, Unbuttered (you can use ex-virgin olive oil in place of butter) and it must be [air popped only] pop corn

Heart Health

CO Q10, Niacin, Garlic, Fish Oil, Hawthorn Berry, Ribose, Horse Chestnut, Magnesium, Calcium, Ecotrin coated Aspirin, Polycosonal, Lumbrokinase (Chinese Earth Worm), Resveratrol (from Red Wine or grapes)

Recently medical statistics revealed that people with poor circulation are at higher risk for heart disease and stroke. It is very serious and most heart tests do not reveal any problems in people with poor circulation when they are experiencing chest pain. Be sure and see a medical doctor if you have chest pain. Butchers broom and Horse chestnut combined with Hawthorne Berry and Aspirin are more than enough to get rid of pain and inflammation caused from poor circulation in mild cases.

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